Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Create-Your-Own-Epitaph Day

April 6th is Create-Your-Own-Epitaph Day. How strange. But why not use the day to write a eulogy about myself. I mean I'm not dying or anything...but why not take the opportunity to embellish my life a bit? I don't see why not. So here goes (one day early)...

Marisa L. B. (lived a short but sweet life).

Marisa was a fun and witty character and she was loved by most who knew her. She loved to laugh and make others laugh and was frequently told that she should consider a career in stand-up comedy. If not for her stage fright and her likelihood of turning beet-red in front of a crowd, she may have done it. But Marisa preferred making her friends keel over laughing-- or strangers she met at the California Pizza Kitchen.
Marisa often said she carried the "wacky family gene." However, she did not look at this as a bad thing. She was happy to be the oddball, the eccentric one, the one who didn't always care what people thought of her. With a few drinks under her belt, you'd have no problem getting her out on the dance floor or up on the stage for Karaoke Night singing "Baby Got Back."
Marisa enjoyed adventures and trying new things. She'd drive cross-country by herself just to do it! She'd ride a mechanical bull, absolutely sober, just for the fun of it. She may have fell off half a dozen times, but each time, she got back on and tried again! And she made everyone in the bar laugh!
Though fairly intelligent and capable of great achievements, Marisa preferred having fun and enjoying life to great academic pursuits. Halfway through her master's program, she decided she's rather not finish the program. She left her teaching career to become a farmer in the hills of Central California. She rescued and raised many farm animals, along with dogs and cats.
Marisa would not want you to mourn her death but to celebrate her life. So go out and party and keep her memory alive! Cheers!! L'Chaim!