Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Eats in Philly

Last Saturday Eric and I were visiting a friend in the hospital in Philadelphia. After the visit with our friend, we had dinner at Horizons, a gourmet vegan restaurant, right by South Street. One word--yum! Everything was delicious! We started with the Viatnamese bruschetta and barbeque seitan. So good! For dinner we shared a couple of dishes--a platter with different kinds of mushrooms, stuffed and unstuffed and crispy tofu with hearts of palm crepes and chickpea curry. I couldn't recommend this place highly enough if you have plans to be in Philly!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Baby Stuff!

Since finding out that I was pregnant back in mid-December, my brain has been consumed with all baby stuff all the time! Lately, I've been kind of obsessed with craigslist! I've gotten some amazing deals on there! 13 pieces of maternity clothes for less than $40. Then a few days later, I got a beautiful wooden $185 rocking horse for $35 bucks. I'm hoping to find a rocker/glider for a good price next!

I've also been scouring lots of websites for good deals on cloth diapers. Yes, we're cloth diapering. And they are not your cloth diapers of years ago with rubber pants and diaper pins. We've already gotten some super cute ones--veggies and farm animals and Dr. Seuss. Look at some of these diapers. How cute are they?

On March 28th, we have our big ultrasound. Hopefully, Lil' Sprout cooperates and we can tell if Baby is a boy or a girl! Our bets are on boy but who knows, really? We'll be delighted either way! If it is a boy, one of my first grade students suggested the name Indiana Jones. Eric really liked that name too!

We spent the weekend baby furniture shopping. We think we found something we like but we're going to wait a little longer to order. The room needs new carpeting and a paint job first before we bring furniture in!