Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Midst of the Night Awakenings

3.40 Am (whats with the formatting? It won't let me skip lines? Aargh! Can't remove the formatting) Well, for the second night in the row I am awakened in the midst of the night by my zoo of five pets (three cats, two dogs). Last night, I was wakened by a cat confrontation in my bedroom at four am. The dogs just hung out in my room as this was going on. I guess everyone likes a good fight every now and again! Tonight, I am awakened by our old golden retriever, Shayla, whining in the family room. I came down to check on her to see if she wants to go out. But, alas, I guess she just wanted attention. She is just laying here...Goodnight, ALL...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Summer Reading List

My sister, Ashley, is going to be a senior in high school and because she's a smartypants she has a few big, fat books to read on her summer reading list. Here is mine. Its none too thick but does anyone have any suggestions? By the way, my reading list is self-assigned. There are no quizzes on the first day of school. Ha, ha, Ashley.

1. The New Helen Fielding Book which I can't recall the name offhand

2. The Reading with Ripa selection which name I can't also recall.

3. Aleph isn't Tough Book 1 (Hebrew 101--already on chapter 7)

4. The Red Tent (A biblical tale which is supposed to be phenomenal) by Anita Diamonte

5. Under the Tuscan Sun (then I'll watch the movie)

Last summer, I swore I'd read 20 books. I think I read somewhere around 6 or 8. I'm sure I will be adding to this list...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Learning to Knit and other Summer Fun

So this is how I've been occupying my time for the past 3 days since school ended...

On Thursday, I went to gym for the first time in a month. My father and I (it was a joint effort!) filled up the tires of my Quasar bicycle and after polishing that baby up, I went for a ride around town. That was wonderful! After class Thursday night, I went to the Barnes and Nobles, thinking, no school tomorrow, I can stay out later! That was a nice feeling!

Friday, I woke up and rode my bicycle to the library! Oh, the pain! I need to get me-self one of those gel pad seats for my bike. I took out four books from the library--a Rachel Ray cookbook, the new Helen Fielding, a "Reading with Ripa" selection (sure its a classic lol) and a Learning-to-Knit book. I went to Rag Shop and bought some needles and yarn. Lets just say learning to knit is not as easy as the book suggests. Anyone want to help me??? Puh-lease???

Friday night, I went to dinner with some old college friends and then saw Bewitched, which I have been dying to see. It was great--only one problem, I didn't drink coffee before hand, and therefore, had trouble staying awake at the 10:00 showing. Guess who we saw emerging from the men's room prior to the movie? Our former governor Jim Mc Greevey! Funny huh?

What to do? What to do? I'm so bored...

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Yay!!!! Its SUMMER!!!! And best of all...I am done with teaching for the summer! However, I decided to make some spending money tutoring and doing other odd jobs, such as mystery shopping. The summer is off to a great start--I secured my first tutoring job this morning. I will be tutoring a soon-to-be 4th grade girl once a week. I am off to Sports Authority right now to get a bike bump. I am planning on doing lots of biking, hiking and sunning this summer! Yay! To summer!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Girls, beers and...GHOSTS????

My town, South Plainfield, doesn't have much going on. Some local bars, a couple Dunkin Donuts and a really lame "downtown." However, we do have one claim to fame. Our local strip club, Liquid Assets, actually has GHOSTS. Well, I have never been but its what I hear. So it really is a haunt, then. The other day, I drove by and was laughing out loud when I saw their sign out front...something along the lines of Nude girls, beer and ghosts....I will have to drive by again again and take some photos for the blog.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Props to Jennifer

Just wanted to say AWESOME job on the concert tonight, Jennifer !!!! You did fabulous--as you were fabulous in Pirates of Penzance! We're sure going to miss you next year...who will I goof off with at work???? :(

Wilting in the Hot Summerlike Sun

Well...well...we suffer through some nasty, cold weather to now endure 90-something degree days! I just can't take the extreme heat, especially since I work in a school with no air conditioning! I'm drained and exhausted and I can't wait til school is out! And looks like I might have a prospect for tutoring! Yippee!!! Spending money! Shore bars!!! Well, I am looking forward to going to the Feast of St. Anthony Carnival in my town this weekend. Oy vey. Another hot one tomorrow :(...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A New Time-Waster!!!

Well, yesterday I spent some time showing everybody my new favorite Internet technology--google's satelliting! Go to and put in any address. If you click on satellite, you can zoom in/out and do lots of fun things. I found my house, my place of employment and some other places. I located Topanga Canyon BLVD in Malibu, Ca and traced it up through Topanga Canyon (a wonderful canyon town which used to be a nudist colony, according to legend!) all the way to Woodland Hills. Point being, you can have a lot of fun with this feature of google! Today I plan on staying away from that site though--I have things to do and they won't get done once I start playing with this online satelliting!