Thursday, March 31, 2005

The absurdity of...

Bunsen Burner Day! March 31st is Bunsen Burner Day! What shall i do to celebrate? Bring a bunsen burner to school and light some stuff on fire. I don't think that would go over well. Or I have the option of celebrating Clams on a Half Shell Day tomorrow. But I don't eat clams....hmm...but says that tomorrow is also Sleep Awareness Week (the beginning of?). I think I'll spend my free time, tomorrow, plotting and planning my April Fools Day prank. Haha!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today's Holidays (March 29th)

Today was...

1. Don't do your homework day (I didn't tell the kids that one!)
2. Smoke and Mirrors Day (I thought about renting out some funhouse mirrors and smoke machines but not sure that would have went over too well at school. Oh well.)
3. Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

I didn't celebrate any of the holidays. However, I did get the happy news from my dentist that I have to have 2 of my wisdom teeth yanked in April. Good news is that according to some assorted folks, like my friends and family, I won't die. Y'all can jump for joy that I won't be leaving the land of the living anytime soon--I would hate for my blog to end on a morbid note.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My name means...

I was perusing my friend's blog this morning and came across this link-- . All you do is put in your name and it tells you the hidden meaning in your name! This is what it says about my first and last name. Pretty interesting!

Charming, poised and sociable you need peace and harmony around you and always seek to create a happy environment. Perceptive and with strong intuition you are able to make sound judgements. You show great flexibility in attitude being open and responsive to the needs and opinions of others. This ability gives you potential for success in business dealing with the public. Your warm personality and caring ways ensure you are loved by family and friends.

Some random thoughts pertaining to my weekend--

1. I learned that side-of-Route-1 flower sales are a lucrative early morning business on Easter! My guy considered buying me the Spongebob arrangement :)

2. There is this genius of a pharmacist that works at a 24 hour pharmacy we paid a visit to Sunday morning around 5 am. He really knows his stuff! You ask him anything and not only is he knowledgable, he is excited to help you! I was thinking of featuring him on my Pharmaceutical Hour on cable tv. Contact me if you want information on where to find this guy--I don't think its fair to post his personal information or location of employment on the internet. I don't want a lawsuit or anything.

3. I also encountered a bunch of little ants early Sunday morning. They grossed me out--is it really ant season already?

4. I went to a cool and classy place called Diva's Lounge in Montclair, NJ Saturday night. Saturday nights are Moroccan themed and the place pulsates with dance tunes, belly dancers and it reeks of fruit-flavored tobacco (though a consensus of my group likened the smell to formaldahyde--remember high school labs?). Anyway, I enjoyed it,but bring your wallet. It cost me $9 for a Malibu and diet coke! But beat the $5 cover charge by arriving before 10!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Norton Wading at the Watchung Reservation (Oct 04) Posted by Hello

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello World and Welcome! This is my first ever blog though...I did have a couple webpages in the late 90s. I guess those were like the early blogs. Last night a friend did a search on an old college-mate (someone who's existence I questioned from the get-go--the old college-mate I mean) and came across an old webpage I made for a superhero I invented. How random.

Does anybody besides me question the term "blog?" Why call it a blog? Why not an e-journal? Or a cyberlog? Or an Elog? At any rate, its my very own blog. Yippee!

Does anybody actually read these things?

This weekend (Saturday more like), I took my precariously cute and witty mutt, Norton for a hike in the Watchung Mountains. It was our first hike all winter, and lucky for us, the trails were free of human life. The trail was like a muddy river.

Dashing through the mud
with a big old happy dog
Oar the (Watchung) Hills we go
Splashing all the way
Splish Splash Splash
Leaves crackle under our feet
As we try to find our way
Norton leads the way
Each time I lose the trail
Oh Happy Trails!
Happy Trails!
Hiking all the way
Oh what fun it is to hike
With a big old dopey dog!

Anyone like my rendition of hiking poem to the tune of Jingle Bells?

Thats all folks (for now!)