Friday, May 09, 2008

Spy King?

Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser wrote a piece for the New York Times on Wednesday titled "Burger with a Side of Fries." Apparently, the Burger King Corporation hired a private security firm to spy on the Student/Farmworker Alliance in Florida. The aim of the Student/Farmworker Alliance is to improve the lives of migrant farmworkers by eliminating sweatshop conditions and modern-day slavery in the fields. This group uses peaceful methods of protest--such as their recent petition to ask Burger King to pay these farmworkers a fair wage. Read more here..


Bianca said...

Those bastards! I'm so not surprised though.

Veggie said...

It doesn't surprise me either. I can't believe how underhanded people (& corporations) can be.

The car companies are scary too, they brought out electric cars in California. That they had planned to get rid of right from the start, obviously, since they only leased them and no one was even allowed to purchase one (not even Mel Gibson!)
Watch 'What happened to the electric car?' to find out more.

Instead of making this world a better place they make it worse.