Sunday, September 14, 2008

Watch out for 'em hot peppers!

I should be blogging about what could have been an awesome salad, all put together without the help of a recipe. It was black beans and fresh corn, tomatoes and green bell pepper, avocados too. Some garlic and onion and why not a small red hot pepper for a little spice? As my salad was just about ready to be dressed, my face started feeling hot. And it was red. My nose was burning and my lips too. Then my face got swollen a bit and the splotchy red started to appear on other parts of my body, my shoulder and my hand. I had to send Eric out to get me some Benadryl so I could get some relief. I washed my face and used my Neti pot to get rid of some of those spicy irritants! I drank some ricemilk too.

Unfortunately, I had to throw the entire salad away. With all of that spice of one small pepper, not only did it taste like fire, but it wasn't worth dying.

I don't even know what kind of pepper it is. It came in a box of assorted hot peppers from the farmer market. I think the whole container has to go in the trash now.

My hands still feel hot but I'm definitely feeling better than I was--

Thanks to my darling hubby who, while on a quest for Benadryl, brought me home some Purely Decadent ice cream.


Jesser said...

Woa. That's hot! Glad you recovered nicely. Benedryl is a staple at my house. It's the only thing that got me through being pregnant ... as it makes a great sleepy pill that's completely safe. ;)

Bianca said...

Damn girl! That sucks! Guess you've got yourself a pepper allergy. Hope you feel better now. Sorry about the salad. I hate to throw food out. It hurts my soul a little bit.

Maria Rose said...

Scary! That happened to my hubby when he discovered his allergy to a certain tree nut!I hear that the first allergic reaction is usually tame, like a warning, and the second is extreme.

Happy Herbivore! said...

Feel better! I always feel bad throwing away food too - :(