Monday, October 20, 2008


With the election in two weeks and a day, it's hard to focus on anything else--even if you're a first grader. Our students will also "vote" for a new president as part of a schools-wide election. When I asked one of my first graders who he would vote for, he choose Obama, of course. I asked him why he would like to vote for Obama and here is the short of it.

"He's brown and has a man helper."

I just thought it was pretty funny.


Bianca said...

Is Joe Biden the man helper? That's so funny!

Too bad that little guy is too young to really vote. I'm soooo anxious about the election!! OBAMA MUST WIN! I've seen WAY too many McCain signs in what I thought were the progressive neighborhoods of Memphis. I'm getting a little worried.

Miss President said...

Child's logic... gotta love it. :)