Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My name means...

I was perusing my friend's blog this morning and came across this link-- http://www.bostonuk.com/names/ . All you do is put in your name and it tells you the hidden meaning in your name! This is what it says about my first and last name. Pretty interesting!

Charming, poised and sociable you need peace and harmony around you and always seek to create a happy environment. Perceptive and with strong intuition you are able to make sound judgements. You show great flexibility in attitude being open and responsive to the needs and opinions of others. This ability gives you potential for success in business dealing with the public. Your warm personality and caring ways ensure you are loved by family and friends.

Some random thoughts pertaining to my weekend--

1. I learned that side-of-Route-1 flower sales are a lucrative early morning business on Easter! My guy considered buying me the Spongebob arrangement :)

2. There is this genius of a pharmacist that works at a 24 hour pharmacy we paid a visit to Sunday morning around 5 am. He really knows his stuff! You ask him anything and not only is he knowledgable, he is excited to help you! I was thinking of featuring him on my Pharmaceutical Hour on cable tv. Contact me if you want information on where to find this guy--I don't think its fair to post his personal information or location of employment on the internet. I don't want a lawsuit or anything.

3. I also encountered a bunch of little ants early Sunday morning. They grossed me out--is it really ant season already?

4. I went to a cool and classy place called Diva's Lounge in Montclair, NJ Saturday night. Saturday nights are Moroccan themed and the place pulsates with dance tunes, belly dancers and it reeks of fruit-flavored tobacco (though a consensus of my group likened the smell to formaldahyde--remember high school labs?). Anyway, I enjoyed it,but bring your wallet. It cost me $9 for a Malibu and diet coke! But beat the $5 cover charge by arriving before 10!

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