Monday, March 28, 2005

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello World and Welcome! This is my first ever blog though...I did have a couple webpages in the late 90s. I guess those were like the early blogs. Last night a friend did a search on an old college-mate (someone who's existence I questioned from the get-go--the old college-mate I mean) and came across an old webpage I made for a superhero I invented. How random.

Does anybody besides me question the term "blog?" Why call it a blog? Why not an e-journal? Or a cyberlog? Or an Elog? At any rate, its my very own blog. Yippee!

Does anybody actually read these things?

This weekend (Saturday more like), I took my precariously cute and witty mutt, Norton for a hike in the Watchung Mountains. It was our first hike all winter, and lucky for us, the trails were free of human life. The trail was like a muddy river.

Dashing through the mud
with a big old happy dog
Oar the (Watchung) Hills we go
Splashing all the way
Splish Splash Splash
Leaves crackle under our feet
As we try to find our way
Norton leads the way
Each time I lose the trail
Oh Happy Trails!
Happy Trails!
Hiking all the way
Oh what fun it is to hike
With a big old dopey dog!

Anyone like my rendition of hiking poem to the tune of Jingle Bells?

Thats all folks (for now!)

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David M Yablonsky said...


Good start to your blog. Cheers to the reference about me! Norton is a "BIG dawg!" and Shayla's a big fluffy K-9 couch. I wonder if you'll ever blog about fake butts, socks and garbage bags?!?!?!??