Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend Ponderings

Well, it was quite a busy, exciting and fun weekend even though I have been battling a nasty cough and sore throat, at times leaving me with a Peppermint Patty-esque voice. Some interesting going-ons from the weekend...

1. Saturday at the liquor store, a 4 pack of Jack and Coke (wine cooler type drinks) fell from the faulty packaging and shattered upon my flip-flopped toes. Ugh...the pain...now I have 2 ugly bruised toes and a toe bearing a cut. That same day, I stepped upon a nail and a drawer fell onto my hand. Whats the deal here? Klutz, can you say?

2. At my family barbeque on Saturday, I got sooo intoxicated from consuming most of a 64 oz jug of apple cider. It was so good but because of this, I slept thru most of Star Wars that night. I think my friend was waiting for me to get drunk so he could drag me to Star Wars. I most likely wouldn't have gone sober.

3. With friends, I went to my favorite shore bar, Donovans on Sunday. We got there at 6:30, listened to the Zone play, ate at Ichibods, went back to Donovans to see Brian Kirk and the Jirks. Brian Kirk got married on Saturday! He wore a t shirt that said "Liz's Bitch" on the front and "just Married" on the back along with a black bow tie. Sorry, Jenn!!!

4. And today, me and my hoarse voice are back to work!

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