Saturday, June 25, 2005

Learning to Knit and other Summer Fun

So this is how I've been occupying my time for the past 3 days since school ended...

On Thursday, I went to gym for the first time in a month. My father and I (it was a joint effort!) filled up the tires of my Quasar bicycle and after polishing that baby up, I went for a ride around town. That was wonderful! After class Thursday night, I went to the Barnes and Nobles, thinking, no school tomorrow, I can stay out later! That was a nice feeling!

Friday, I woke up and rode my bicycle to the library! Oh, the pain! I need to get me-self one of those gel pad seats for my bike. I took out four books from the library--a Rachel Ray cookbook, the new Helen Fielding, a "Reading with Ripa" selection (sure its a classic lol) and a Learning-to-Knit book. I went to Rag Shop and bought some needles and yarn. Lets just say learning to knit is not as easy as the book suggests. Anyone want to help me??? Puh-lease???

Friday night, I went to dinner with some old college friends and then saw Bewitched, which I have been dying to see. It was great--only one problem, I didn't drink coffee before hand, and therefore, had trouble staying awake at the 10:00 showing. Guess who we saw emerging from the men's room prior to the movie? Our former governor Jim Mc Greevey! Funny huh?

What to do? What to do? I'm so bored...

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rebecca said...

Ask Jennifer to help you knit! She's a pro :)