Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Beginnings

It's time for new beginnings, isn't it? The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur is over--its a new year. Its now Sukkot--a harvest holiday (supposedly, the very holiday that our Thanksgiving was based on!). But the fun part of Sukkot involves eating outside in a hut called a Sukkah. In this season of Autumn, I am blessed with many things...good friends...family...my health...a chance to reconcile with an old friend. Deep breath. Sometimes, we need to stop and smell the daisies. Its always good to appreciate whats good in your life.

Funny story...

This morning, I'm getting ready for work and all dressed in cordoroy pants. Dad says to me in surprise, "You can wear pants to work????!!!!!" Me: "Duh. Its not the 60's."

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