Monday, February 27, 2006


Tonight I baked for some upcoming birthdays. I dug up a yellowed and wrinkled recipe for dog biscuits that a co-worker gave me a couple years ago. Wednesday is Marley's birthday (one of Scott's dog) and Dusty's birthday (Scott's sister's dog). So I made some dog shaped cookies for a few very special pups. Norton taste tested tonight and boy, does he approve!!!


Jesser said...

We made some doggie biscuits like those for xmas. They were also a big hit. You gotta love dogs and their appreciation for food. Loki appreciates it so much he snuck about 5 lbs of kibble from our friend's garage and finished off a whole box of girlscout cookies ... all in one weekend!!

Miss President said...

Wow! She finally posts again! :)
How cool is it that you made dog cookies!