Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Norton ate my Blog

I was going to post an apology for my lack of postings as of late. I was going to cite a few different embellished excuses.

1. Working out a lot.
2. Busy planning weddings and showers and bachelorette parties for a million and one weddings coming up.
3. A Jewish holiday just passed.
4. Work has been crazy and frustrating in the past couple weeks.
5. Plenty of chores at home keep me busy.

After reading through this list, I realize my excuses are pretty lame. Here is why.

1. I worked out twice this week. Last week I had a cold, so didn't work out at all.
2. Actually, I haven't done enough for all the weddings coming up to warrant using that as an excuse for not writing in my blog.
3. Yes, Purim just passed. I spent an hour in temple on Monday. Thats not exactly time-consuming.
4. This part is true. I am usually very laid back and easygoing at work. Lately, I've been frantic and moody and pissed off.
5. I have been trying to keep up with all this stuff at home. But who has time with my busy schedule?

So, in truth, I really have no valid excuse for not posting recently. But, my friends...this is not work...this is not school. This is my blog. There are no required entries. So there. I don't need to make up a "Norton ate my homework" excuse. I can admit that I've just been lazy. So there!

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Jesser said...

It happens! :)