Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Latest Impulse

Thanks to Jesser's recent post, I could not resist the urge to purchase for myself a Nintendo DS on ebay. I.Just.Could.Not.Stop.Myself. In all seriousness, isn't it time I upgrade myself from my original eight bit Nintendo?

Top Five Reasons Why I'm Frustrated at this Very Moment

1. The Nintendo DS has not arrived.

2. My ipod is once again not working.

3. My feet hurt from standing all day (Spring Concert at school today).

4. I have lots of laundry to do.

5. My Nintendo DS still has not arrived.

I have more postings to catch up with. I'll get to it soon. Promise. Thats all Folks (for now anyway)>


Jesser said...

Sorry your DS hasn't arrived yet!! It will be worth it when it does. :) Have you had lotsa problems with your iPod? My cousin had nothing but fits with his ... I have a Dell DJ which has been satisfactory. I don't know that I'd buy it again though ... hopefully I won't be forced to buy a new MP3 player for a while yet ... but I cannot be without one anymore!!

Marisa L.B. said...

This is the second time I'm having to get it serviced. Its almost 2 years old...thank Goodness I bought the extended warranty. I hope they replace it with a newer model for free. That would be nice. I do love my iPod though, I just want it fixed!

Last night, I played my sister's bf's Brain Age on his DS. However, something was wrong with the audio because the program wouldn't recognize any time I said the color Blue. Therefore, it gave me age ranges between 50s and 80s. AUGH. I'll just have to plaly it on my DS when it comes!

Miss President said...

how was the spring concert? Did you run the risk of rain as always?

Marisa L.B. said...

The Spring Concert was really nice. The weather was perfect. It was very sunny! No rain luckily!