Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Reason why I Heart Starbucks...

Although I have a preference for local coffee shops, I do love Starbucks. They sell cool indie cds and if I needed one more reason to dig them...they now offer their creme frappucinos "light!" Although it is not listed on their website, any Starbucks will make it for you light! Enjoy!


Jesser said...

On the subject of Starbucks (long rant to follow): I don't drink coffee, so I rarely go to Starbucks, but when I lived in WI, I did go there occasionally when we were in this outdoor mall thingy to warm up. That's when I started to like Vanilla Cremes - basically like Hot Chocolate, but vanilla, right. So the other day it's all rainy and chilly and I'm in Target (say it with me, Tar-Zhay) and I decide I want a Vanilla Creme for old times sake so I go over to their little Baby Starbucks and order one. Red shirt boy is serving me.

RSB: "A what?"
ME: "A Vanilla creme."
RSB: "Oh, you mean a Vanilla Frappuccinno?"
ME (confused): "No. No frappuccino."
RSB (acting as tho my IQ is somewhere south of 50): "That's what it's called."
ME (figuring they've changed the name): Ummm ... OK
So RSB makes it and it comes out and it's COLD!! (Mind you it's like 40 degrees outside).
ME: "Ummm... this is cold. I wanted a vanilla creme - y'know WARM"
RSB: "Well then you should've ordered a Vanilla Steamer."

This, after he's TOLD ME WHAT I WANTED. Did not offer to remake it for me. Was, really, kind of a jerk about the whole thing. I probably should've pushed the point, but Tabs was getting very fussy and I didn't have it in me to cause a scene. I've regretted not causing one ever since.

Marisa L. B. said...

Sorry to hear about your bad Starbucks experience! And, wow, its cold there! Its in the 90s here. Gross.