Monday, May 07, 2007

A Great, Great Weekend

Sometimes, the weekends when there are no time for sleep are the best ones!

Saturday night, Eric and I went to the Ellarslie Open XXV's opening reception at the Trenton City Museum. This was an art museum that I had known of but had never had a chance to visit it. And, it was impressive. There was a lot of great work displayed. And the best part? No, not the free wine. My good friend, Amber, had some artwork displayed in the show--a painting and a framed photograph. Here's a picture of her and her painting.

And one of Eric and I from the art show--

After checking out the art exhibit, Eric and I had dinner at this awesome Asian restaurant, Elements. It was my second time there and the food does not disappoint. Its an eclectic mix of Chinese, Thai and Japanese.

Sunday, Eric and I headed to Baltimore for the day. Our main reason for going to Baltimore was to see the screening of the documentary, Blood, Boobs & Beast, about indie horror director, Don Dohler. Dohler happened to have been the director of Eric's film, Dead Hunt. It was an interesting documentary which ended unexpectedly and sadly. Dohler passed away of cancer this past December.

We decided to make a day out of our visit to Baltimore. So we had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Inner Harbor and paid a visit to Eric's "fifth favorite place," The Baltimore Aquarium. It was a lovely day and here's a couple more pics. Enjoy!

Eric and I enjoying the sunny, breezy day!

Horror Man Terrified of a Shark!


Freak Magnet said...

That is the most awesome pic of Eric. Especially with his hair spiked the way it is.

Glad you had a good time. Nice to see nobody could be bothered to invite ME, but that's okay.

Ace said...

That picture by the ship makes me look really fat. :(

Oh, and TAG!

Marisa L. B. said...

Hon, we look great in that picture! You do not look fat! Love you!