Friday, September 14, 2007

Food Stamp Challenge

Yesterday, while I was at High Holy Day services, the president of our temple spoke about the Food Stamp Challenge. Anyone ever hear of this? Back in May, a bunch of lawmakers were challenged to take up the Food Stamp Challenge. They were given a budget of $21 a week to eat. Thats $3 a meal, 3 meals a day. The purpose was to see how difficult it really is to eat for that tiny amount of money per week. I can't imagine it. The other day I left my purse at home and when I left work I was thirsty and in desparate need of caffeine. So what did I do? Drive to Starbucks and pay for $4 frappucino with spare change. Do we have any idea of what it's like to be hungry? I mean really hungry, not the kind of hungry I was at 11 am this morning, 4 hours after having breakfast.

When I do a 25 hour fast for Yom Kippur, I understand the true meaning of hunger. I was thinking of trying this challenge for a couple days. But could I do it? Could I give up coffee and nice restaurants and take-out? Fresh fruits and veggies? Either way, it makes you think.

This year I will definately try to give more to my temple's annual food drive.


rebecca said...

I just took our monthly grocery budget and divided it up by meal and it came to $3.50/per meal. (for 2.5 people)

We eat fairly well for 3.50- veggies, fruits, meat. We eat simply, but healthfully. It can be done.

Disclaimer- I have the luxury to be home and am able to plan, shop and cook these meals. We also dine out (using a separate budget) I know that most people on food stamps are working and have much different financial situations that us.

Many people have tricked themselves into thinking that they have to spend a lot of money or buy fancy groceries in order to eat well. With discipline it can be done on a small budget.

Ace said...

Just warn me before you do this. I don't want to open my lunch bag one day and find two celery stalks and a small onion.

Susan said...

I am so proud of you!!! I am worried about our future too, especially those who are starving daily while we sit in our humble homes, protected from the weather and clothed as needed. I always wish we could do more too. Once our situation rights itself, we will. Each year though, I give to our local foodbank at holiday time to provide families with a nice holiday meal. I wish we could do more. This country (govt) is disgraceful that we ordinary people have to do that at all. How dare we not take care of our own (children and elders) flesh better then we (gov't) do now. I am glad you have taken action!!!! You have my support.

Just dont get sick when fasting...though for religious reasons we fast, our bodies still need water, electrolytes, etc to maintain good health and brain function!!!! Does that take into effect with the fasting!!! Good luck!

And a side note!!! When we went grocery shopping today, we spent 84 bucks on fresh produce (fruits and veggies and salad), yogurt, oj, water, dogfood, and dinner. Most everything fresh and healthy yet the most expensive. I could have gotten 80 boxes of mac n cheese for that much if I wanted to live off of junk food! Shouldnt it be the other way around???? Food for thought! PS I love mac n cheese!!! I will never give it up no matter what!!! Long live the MacNCheese!!!!!!!!!!!