Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Football Sunday

The real reason we made the trip to the West Coast was for Sunday's Raiders vs. Lions game. There was a tailgate party first in the parking lot.

The game was fun but the Raiders lost. Here's the post I wrote during half-time.

Its halftime and i am at my first football game ever. The Raiders are down to the Lions. I am sporting a black and silver jersey that Eric got me from the Raider Image here in Oakland. I am trying really hard to get whats going on. Football is so much more complicated than I thought it would be. Its so mathematical. Yards and downs. Baseball is simple. Three strikes, you're out. But I guess you can say football is an exciting sport. I think I just need football for dummies. Maybe if I have a SuperBowl party this year I will actually pay attention To the game. On a side note we attended a fun tailgate party and the stadium has veggie dogs. Yummo!

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Jesser said...

When I was little my grandpa would take my sister and I to Broncos games ... so I learned all about football by asking him loads of questions. He was always very good to answer ... and buy me a hotdog. These days, a Vandy boy has made it big and is a Bronco now, so hubby and I watch the games together on Sunday. It's kinda nice.