Friday, November 30, 2007

Pumpkin's New Hobby

Our strange little kitty has a new hobby. On Thanksgiving morning as I was preparing a green bean casserole and a pumpkin pie to bring to my parents, Pumpkin was sitting out on the deck off of the kitchen, as she often likes to do. That morning, the breeze was blowing the fallen leaves about. Pumpkin decided to be the predator and she spent a couple hours out there catching leaves and, like a proud hunter, bringing them into the kitchen to show me. We have a pile of four leaves on the kitchen floor that I really need to bring back outside. However, I don't want to insult Pumpkin as they were a gift to me, I think!

1 comment:

Jesser said...

LOL! Animals are so funny. You just never know when their instincts will take over.