Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Snow Day before Thanksgiving???

Note: I began this post almost two weeks ago. Finally, here it is.

Okay, well, sort of. I DIDN'T have a snow day. In fact, the town that I teach in had no snow accumulation on the ground. But Eric and I live in the mountains. We had a little snowfall on the ground Sunday morning. Norton and I were delighted--but it didn't stick to the actual pavement. I was glad because we had to drive to New Rochelle, NY for a wedding later that day.

But we got more snow Sunday night and it was still snowing Monday morning. We had about four inches on the grassy areas. It was accumulating on the roads but the plows were out and about so I figured the ride wouldn't be bad.

Boy, was I wrong. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to work driving on snowy, icy hills. Even with my All Wheel Drive, I was terrified driving. I realized a block from my house that driving conditions might not be ideal but I wanted to make it to work.

Living in the mountains where we get far more snow than other regions of NJ, I decided its important to make sure to have emergency sub plans ready at school at all times. Just in case!

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Jesser said...

UGH. Soooo not fun. I can totally relate (wish I couldn't). The white menace is back.