Friday, January 25, 2008

Reason #458 Why I don't Like Mainstream Radio

The other day, I happened to be flipping back and forth between radio station. I briefly stopped on a former favorite station of mine to listen to one of those hysterical music contests. You know, listen to 1-2 notes and name the song. It was ridiculous.

Anyway, the DJ makes some comment about a David Bowie song, which in his opinion, is a great song.

Then he mentions on the air how he'll talk to his station manager about getting this particular song.

I guess its not on their top 20 approved playlist. I like my public music stations because the dj's can play whatever they'd like! The other day, the morning dj pulled out some old, obscure record album from the sixties! Apparently, nobody still plays records on the air but this dj did! She made a comment about "hoping it would work!" And it did!

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