Saturday, January 05, 2008

What a week!

We've been ensconced in this madness for the past few days surrounding one of our wedding vendors. It's not something I can really talk freely about online, especially because we're disputing the charge with Visa now. We went with this particular vendor because they were highly recommended.

We paid up front for the services because we were offered a 20 % discount. We thought it was a great deal. And they were recommended and did great work.

Wow, how things change in a matter of months. After the CEO has been writing bad checks to employees and not giving clients what they have paid for, I think he'll be filing bankruptcy.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that Visa will follow through and give us our money back.

There's lots of chatter about this on The Knot as well as a yahoo group about it. It's just mind-boggling.

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Jesser said...

Oh sheesh! What a bummer. The wedding industry is unlike any other I've ever seen ... lost of fly-by-night ops and you have to be so careful. I will cross my fingers for you!!!