Monday, July 10, 2006

My Growing Garden

Well, every year I say I am going to grow a vegetable garden. And, alas, every year, I get too lazy to do it. I say to myself, too much work. Well this year, I decided to grow a potted vegetable garden. It was easier than finding a place in my yard to prep. So I have been growing 2 kinds of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, artichokes, thyme and rosemary. The herbs have been wonderful in salads! And I finally have some ripe tomatoes! Yum yum! This morning, when I went to check on the other veggies, I found baby zucchinis growing! Yay! Here's a pic of some of my ripe tomotoes. I'll keep y'all posted on the rest of my garden.


Jesser said...

Those look pretty good! I managed to plant some bedding plants in my front beds .... and I had a mint plant hanging around, so I plopped that in as well and now it's taking over my garden!! aaahh! :)

Miss President said...

How cool! I'm really jealous of the garden - something I want to do!!!! Looks like you've got quite the green thumb for container gardening! Hurrah!