Saturday, July 08, 2006


Mynervesareawreck. Last night, I could hardly breathe. I was hyperventilating. I've been bitten up by many mosquitos--or maybe its one mosquito that just really liked me. I had a rash on my face. My mouth has been in pain since my root canal last week. When I called the dentist, he prescribed an antibiotic. On a daily basis, I'm drugged up on Aleve with an ice pack on my face. I'm too much of a wuss (or too big of a drinker this week) to take the prescription painkillers. Sometimes I cannot deal with making decisions. I think I want to run off to Montana. I take money orders and Paypal if anyone wants to help me out there.

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Miss President said...

I'm totally you with the decision making and the wanting to flee... not so much on the root canal, tho, considering I've never had one. But I'd say stop the drinking if they perscribe pain meds... they are cool. ;)