Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Birthday Celebration

We wrapped up Eric's vacation week with a trip to Skytop Resort on Sunday to spend the day with Eric's parents and family friends as well. Not that we needed a special occasion to get together--but we did have a very special occasion! It was Liz's (Eric's mom) birthday!

The Poconos are a lovely place to spend the day. And a lovely day we had. We had lunch and lazed around on rockers.

Then we acted real goofy playing putt-putt golf. (Eric is goofy 90 % of the time as you can see below.)

Then a rainstorm chased us inside.
So we played a "no holds barred" edition of ping pong.
Luckily the weather cleared up. That made for some nice pictures! See?

We did some walking. Look. Kindred spirits live here.

I like this resort. They even have tea time.

After dinner, it was time to go home.

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