Sunday, July 08, 2007

Martha Madness

I'm not quite sure when it became "cool" to dig Martha Stewart. Was it after she was arrested a few years back? (Here's an interested link, titled, 'Is Martha Stewart Finished?')

I think not! I read something in a newspaper yesterday about her new lines coming out: carpets and flooring, lamps, etc. The carpets and flooring will be available exclusively at Macy's and Flor.

(Pictured are Martha's cool new "carpet tiles," tiles that can stand on their own or you can mix and match! How cool is that?)

And if thats not enough, she's got paint lines out at Lowes for $25 a can. Eric, can we get Martha Stewart paint for our new house?

I'm partial to some of her magazines. I like Blueprint, a fun and fresh living magazine. I've got a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings too.

I just checked out Martha's website for the first time and it seems to be addictive. Perfect for a domestic goddess-in-training like myself!


Lesley said...

I love Martha too and I think it's fabulous she's recovered from her unfortunate incarceration.

I also think her wedding magazine is very good. It was actually the first one I bought because I thought it looked less scary than The Knot or Bride's magazine.

Jesser said...

I can't help but lurve Martha. I'm big on Blueprint and Everyday Food and I used to *LOVE* her Kids magazine. I have every issue that they ever published 'til it went defunct a while back. booooo

Roger in England said...


I'm glad that you're taking the lead regarding decorating the new house.

In all the years I've known Eric, he's never really struck me as an interior design guru.


Roger in England

Freak Magnet said...

We have carpet tile in some of the offices at work, and they seem to do pretty good. I think they're talking about decking out the rest of the building in them.

niccunha said...

Hi Marisa.

i HEART Martha S. I have since way before it was cool. I get lots of project ideas from her and her team.

I noticed in her latest issue that she has a new line of PAINT colors being sold exclusively at Lowes.

Just in time for me to paint my dining room. Hooray.