Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fajitas, Margaritas and Chocolate Soft Ice Cream

It was a wonderful weekend. This was the first weekend in ages where we didn't have 500 things to do! Friday was my last day of school and it was a happy day! I will miss my third graders who "graduated" and will spend the next four years at the middle school. It's nice to see them grow up in front of my eyes--some of these kids I worked with since the beginning of first grade. But it's sad to see them go.

But now its summer. Saturday morning, Eric and I ran errands. I was eager to check out our local farmer's market now that the season has started. However, there was only one farm stand open. We bought some local blueberries for an astronomical price but did get a good deal on a humongous head of red leaf lettuce! After that, we did our weekly food shopping.

Saturday night, we decided to go with a Mexican theme. I tried out my new cast-iron skillet and made portobello mushroom fajitas. They were yummy! First I marinated the mushrooms, onions, and peppers with a spice marinade that I found here. In our fajitas were mushrooms, onions, peppers, avocado slices, tofutti sour cream, and salsa. With our fajitas, we had some brown rice and deliciously spicy pinto beans. I found the recipe on Fat Free Vegan, though I modified it some...the beans came out too liquidy, so I drained some of the liquid, added some cornstarch and extra spices.

After dinner, we had margaritas. I combined fresh lime juice, agave, water, tequila, and shook. Then we drank. Then we drank some more later that evening--wine for me and Bailey's for Eric. We decided to walk over to our friends' home a couple blocks away to play some board games after their four children had gone to bed.

Sunday morning, we met with the rabbi for a final meeting before the wedding, then picked up a couple wedding-related items at the Judaica store, and got Eric fit for his tux. Fun stuff! Then we got to the spend the rest of the day at home--organizing, relaxing, and playing video games. Oh and chasing a mouse. We have a bit of a mouse problem. This was the 6th mouse we've found in over a month. Pumpkin killed the first three. We chased the last three out of the house. Not an easy task, mind you.

Dinner was some of Veganomicon bbq tofu (I cheated and used store bought sauce cause we already had it) and a big salad. Then we decided to use Eric's favorite shower gift that he begged his mother to buy me--a soft ice cream maker. We made some soy chocolate ice cream. It was pretty darn good!


Jesser said...

You are seriously making me hungry, here!! haha. Those fajitas sound fab... I should really do some portabellos next go-around. Hubby loves the steak, but not so much for me and I definitely love mushrooms.

Sounds like you're having fun with the wedding plans... no time at all now, eh?

Bianca said...

Don't you adore the cast iron?! I love mine more than words can express. I would marry it if that was legal...

Avery Yale Kamila said...

Wow! That all looks so delicious! And what a great new skillet. I'm so in love with mine. I don't think I could cook without them.

Alice (in Veganland) said...

Oh, I hate it when I have 500 things to do during the weekend... So I would also appreciate a weekend "off"! I might need to try the margaritas for the soul, hahaha

Veggie said...

I really love my cast iron pans.

The fajitas look so good, I really should try making them with Portabello mushrooms sometime.

You're really making me hungry for some Mexican and I love margaritas. What a great meal!!

Jamie the Foodie said...

i love my cast iron, too! my husband was using one of our skillets one night & turned it on high & forgot about it & it cracked. but as it cooled, it repaired itself! cool, huh?

your ice cream looks yummy! i have been experimenting with vegan ice cream lately...i made a walnut & toasted coconut chocolate ice cream! yumma-licious!