Monday, June 16, 2008

Six weeks and six days

Yup, that's how long it is until Eric and I tie the knot. We had a very productive weekend as far as the wedding checklist goes. We ordered groomsmen gifts. Check! Ordered yarmulkes for ceremony. Check! Picked up toasting flutes and cake cutting set. Check!

Saturday, I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister. We had lunch at Chipotle, which was very good. Similar to Baja Fresh or Q'doba but everything is fresh! Then we went to see Sex and the City which we all enjoyed.

Saturday night, I made some raviolis I picked up at Whole Foods not too long ago. The brand is Rising Moon organics and we had the artichoke olive flavor, which was also vegan. However, they also have regular cheese ones too. They were delicious and pretty low in calories!

Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day with our families. Eric and I took our parents' out to lunch to Krogh's, a local bar and grille with yummy food! They have an awesome bean taco salad, which I love! Plus, its right across from Lake Mohawk, so we enjoyed a beautiful walk after lunch.

After our delicious lunch, we weren't very hungry for dinner Sunday night. So I made the marinated home fries from the Made From Scratch cookbook. I wrote more about that cookbook here. Sorry, no pic but they were delicious. Diced the potatoes, then boiled, then marinated with tamari-oil-mixture with onions, then sauteed with lots of garlic and onions and peppers, topped with FYH soy cheddar. Delicious!


Bianca said...

Sounds like the wedding planning is going smoothly. Good luck with the next six weeks!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are getting married exactly one week before me. I get married on 8/9/08. I still need to send out invites and schedule the rehearsal dinner and come up with favors...other than that, everything is done!

Avery Yale Kamila said...

What a fun weekend! So glad to hear the wedding plans are coming together nicely. You must be so excited!!

Happy Herbivore! said...

good luck! sounds like you have everything under control though! I was a totally calm bride but then again we didnt have a traditional wedding so it was more about getting excited to see my friends~!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I must ask-- what kind of dog do you have? In the sidebar picture, he kind of looks like mine (a rescued Toy Fox Terrier).