Saturday, June 28, 2008

Week Gone By

Well, the first week of summer break has flown by. Much of the time was spent at home doing stuff around the house. Norton and Pumpkin like to hang out on the deck when they have nothing else to do.

It was a busy week too though. Tuesday, I went with my dad to see Ringo Starr and the All-Star Band. They are amazing to see if you ever have the opportunity. Great, great show. I loved when they did Yellow Submarine!

Thursday, Eric and I had a two hour meeting with the dj down in Red Bank to finalize music choices for the wedding. After our meeting, we had lunch at No Joe's Cafe, a coffee house with a menu. I was a bit disappointed with what I ordered. I settled on the grilled veggie salad--the menu description reads an array of fresh, grilled vegetables served over greens with a sesame ginger vinaigrette. Well my salad was lettuce, grilled yellow squash and sprouts. It was fine, but I wouldn't call yellow squash an array of grilled vegetables. But it was okay, because I wanted to save my appetite for a smoothie anyway. We went to Smoothie King next and I had a fabulous smoothie with mango, papaya, soy protein and other fruits. It was delicious!

After smoothies, I headed up to David's Bridal for my first fitting. Woo hoo! The dress was huge! It needs to be taken in a whole size! I guess that is what happens when you lose 20 pounds before your wedding!

Wednesday night, I made Ethiopian lentils. We love our Ethiopian lentils! It's a cold lentil salad with a chopped jalapeƱo, onion, parsley and the dressing is dijon mustard and lemon juice (or vinegar). I love this salad and I ate it in wraps all week. Sorry, I took pictures but they didn't come out good for some reason.

Last night, my cousin came over for dinner with her baby. Vincent is now four months old and is getting so big. He's such a cutie! We had a yummy dinner--a big salad with miso-tahini dressing (dressing from VCon), buffalo tofu, zucchini chips and steak fries. I attempted to make the peach upside down cake from Fat Free Vegan with my huge supply of plums, but I sort of screwed up on little part and we ended up with a very tasty plum cake trifle.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Your critters are really cute!

Sounds like your wedding plans are coming along, and I bet you weren't too upset they had to take your dress in. ;-)

The Ethiopian lentils sound really good, the flavor combination is really intriguing. I've never had Ethiopian food.

Veggie said...

One grilled vegetable and squash at that. Nice. At least you got a great smoothie.

Miss President said...

Hey... I need to hook you up with a friend of mine to share some recipes and cookbook titles. Her boyfriend is a vegetarian (she is not, but not opposed to it) and she is looking for some new recipes to try. Let me know some of your books and favorite dishes so she can try them! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually work with Smoothie King and so glad to hear that you are a fan! Do you ever say "make it skinny" and have them leave out the turbinado? I always order that way (as it reduces the drink by almost 100 calories and 23 carbs)! Best of luck in all your wedding preparations.

Jesser said...

Sounds like a nice time overall and mega congrats on the 20 lbs!! :)

Bianca said...

Girl, I love me some Smoothie King. I tried to go there last weekend on a Sunday night, and I'll be damned if they weren't closed at 6:30 p.m. Apparently, they close early on Sundays. I was very disappointed. Had to settle for Smooth Moves, a far inferior smoothie joint.

Avery Yale Kamila said...

Your lentil dish sounds really yummy! I'll have to try it.