Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ah. Vacation.

I love having time off from school. Its been nice to relax. I've had a couple dates since I've been off from school.

1. Jdate Guy #5 and I went to see the Producers Sunday night. Nice guy. But not for me. A little too nerdy (again, I'm not knocking nerds, I do find many of them attractive!) for me and besides he smelled funny.

2. Jdate Guy #6 and I had lunch in Montclair on Tuesday. We then had coffee, perused some of the shoppes before ending the date. It was fun and he was a nice guy. I'm seeing him again on Sunday. We'll see how it goes.

Today, I'm spending time with my friend, Allison, who I have not seen in a year since she has moved to Arizona. I'm blogging right now from the "black room" of the 100 year old home her parents live in. This is the creepiest room in the house. Spooky! I plan on using some of my giftcards today before shopping for bridesmaid dresses later on for my cousin Andrea's wedding. Busy day!

1 comment:

Miss President said...

I'm quite jealous of the whole "holiday break" scenario, since I don't have one this year! :/ Hope you're enjoying it!

What happened to the j-date guy from the island of long?? and yeah, you'd better not mock nerds... Not only am I one, but I love one, too! ;)