Thursday, December 01, 2005

Worst. Date. Ever.

Okay. So maybe it wasn't the worst date ever...but it definately ranks up there in the top five. I'm recovering from a sinus infection and didn't even feel up to it, but had plans to meet this guy at the Cheesecake Factory. I had never met him before--or even talked to him on the phone! He was from an online dating site--shhh! Don't tell anybody! lol . Anyway, we had dinner and I was not feeling him whatsover. Me and a dorky pharmacist? Not going to happen! The clincher? He tried to pay a $5 tip on a $43 bill! Cheap!!!!!!!! I threw a couple extra dollars in for the tip (this guy didn't think I needed to. He said $5 was a good tip. Oh boy.) After the date, we shook hands and he told me to email him.

PS I normally don't call people dorky. I'm a nice person. I wouldn't call him geeky--because, its kind of cool to be geeky nowadays.


Jesser said...

Hmmm.... that doesn't sound like much fun. I HATE cheapskates, especially in tipping. My dad's bro doesn't tip ... at all. He doesn't get that it's part of their wage, that they make less because they get tips. I'm a big big fan of geek/dork boys though, so much so that I married one.

Angela said...

My husband and I met thru an online dating service, and I have to say, I also like the geeks. However, I spent five years as a waitress, and I'm with you: bad tips are a big red flag.