Wednesday, December 21, 2005


First off, congratulations are in order to Jaime and Corey, who just got engaged. I don't think Jaime even knows I have a blog, so I will have to email her to tell her to check this. They are tentatively planning a December '06 wedding! I am thrilled--and of course, that means I need to start saving my money to fly down to Louisiana! (For those of you who don't know, Jaime and I began our friendship as pen pals at the age of 15! Since then, I've flown down there once, and she's been up here three times. Crazy!)

My apologies to Jennifer and all of my faithful readers who most likely checked my blog on a near-daily basis wondering, "Where is Marisa? Why is she not posting?" Well, I am alive...but I've been suffering a cold again! Ouch! Throat aches! Eyes burn! I'm so congested and I have the desire to sleep for days on end. I took Tuesday off to rest and rested most of last weekend. However, I did have the opportunity to take Dave out for Indian food for his birthday last weekend! Happy belated Birthday, Dave! Also, happy belated birthday, Ashley!

Sunday, my grandma and I spent a glorious day together. First, we had lunch at Panera Bread. Then we went to a "Tea with the Author" at my temple. We had the chance to meet Myla Goldberg, who wrote the best-selling novel, Bee Season (which I highly recommend).

So, now its off to bed to rest this sore throat of mine...

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