Monday, December 12, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

This weekend, I saw my boys play at Madison Square Garden two nights in a row! Friday night, I partied too much with my fellow ants to really enjoy the show. But thats okay! We had a blast at P.J. Clark's before the show. Saturday night, I stayed sober and enjoyed an amazing concert. What an experience!!!! We danced and sang and partied at Blarney Stone after the show. I caught the 1.40 train and was home in my bed by 3am. Good, good times.

Sunday, I had a third date--and I think it went well. But--I can't relax. Questions ponder through my brain, such as...Does he like me? Doesn't he like me? Why hasn't he emailed me today? When will he call? Will he call? I know--I need to relax. But thats not something I'm good at. Anyway...we'll see what happens with this one and I'll keep y'all posted.


Jesser said...

Sounds vair cool. I've only been to MSG once ... and that was for my sister's baccalaureate when she graduated from CAS @ NYU. It's an interesting venue.

I've seen DMB about 5x in concert, including a teeny tiny show in Boulder when I was a frosh in HS b4 they were so big and at THE Red Rocks concert. Amazing stuff.

I saw BNL in concert this weekend for the 3rd time. I always enjoy them.

Marisa L.B. said...

Jess, you're so lucky to have seen them before they were big and also at Red Rocks. IF I get the money togehter, I'd love to see them at Red Rocks! I just ordered the 8 cd and 1 dvd set Live At Red Rocks! I love BNL too--saw them with DMB this summer at Randalls Island.