Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gomez Rocks!

Last night, my friend Dennis and I saw Gomez play Webster Hall. What a show! I've previously boasted about Gomez's latest studio album, How We Operate. Their music is fun and it ranges from fast and upbeat "rockin' out" to mellow acoustic tunes.

So I'd noticed listening to their music that there is more than one male vocalist. What I hadn't realized was that three of the guys sing lead vocals on various songs--and according to this review by NPR, five of the guys are songwriters! Wow! Thats pretty unusual in a band, I think! So, I think I love this band even moreso, now that I've seen them live!

They have a great live energy and they are just a great, fresh, original rock band. Dennis and I had pushed our way almost all the way to the front of the crowds, so not only did we have a great vantage point, but we were thrown into the bouncing arrays of dancing fiends. I was dancing quite a bit and so was Dennis. Or he may have been just bobbing his head in time with the music. What was crazy was that the floor actually felt like it was wobbling! It was weird!

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