Monday, March 19, 2007

Joyful Week End

Well, it was certainly a delightful weekend even with the snowstorm we got on Friday! For the record, I love snow but after the balmy temperatures in the 70s we had last week I am ready to officially pack away the mittens and scarves for the capris and tank tops!

Saturday, we took my mother out for a birthday dinner. There were 13 of us--immediate and some extended family--and Eric met 'em all! I knew they'd all like him and I was right! And, the best part, my wacky family didn't freak him out! Eric has posted a pic of us from that dinner--see his blog for it...later on, I'll post a couple myself.

Eric and I enjoy a busy Sunday--we made a quick run to the Cherry Hill Mall, at lunch/dinner at the Olive Garden and bought some home essentials (including four pairs of chopsticks, wine charms and windchimes) at the Pier One Imports Outlet Store. Next we'll need to buy some wine glasses for the wine charms!

Our Sunday evening was spent at the movies--Eric wanted to see 300, so we went. It wouldn't have been a movie I would have chosen to see, but I still enjoyed it. The visuals were amazing and there were only a few parts where I had to close my eyes!

(Oh yeah. And for the record, I'm still working on the layout of this blog! I'm going to try using Photoshop to create a custom header. Keep checking back for a newer and improved blog!)


Freak Magnet said...

Yay Eric's new gal!

Take care of my boy, there, woman!


Marisa L. B. said...

I will!