Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Beginnings

Well, I've posted a bit here and there about Eric, my new guy. I've posted about our third date and mentioned his name in passing a few times.

Well, you, my fellow reader are probably wondering how things went after the third date. Or maybe you're not. My readers have been quite busy. One is planning a wedding, one had a baby and one is buying a house. (For the record, I do have other readers who post comments on occasion. But there are not many. Unless they are hiding in the woodwork--which is possible, too. Anyway--back to the topic at hand.)

So we had a third date. And a fourth date. And a fifth date. Yes, a sixth too...a eighth...I've lost track. How many dates have we had, Eric? ;) I think we can stop counting now! We met through an online website, just when I was getting frustrated with meeting all frogs. For your knowledge, many of the frogs were perfectly nice guys. But not right for me. There are certain factors that must be present in a relationship for it work. Or it won't. I've learned! Chemistry. Mental and physical. Great sense of humor. If you can't laugh at each other's jokes, you'll end up hating each other. Trust me. Ability to talk to each other for hours is key. It's not as important to have lots of common interests--but what's more important is to be open to each other's interests. Open-minded, I should say.

So, there were relationships I ended, because they just weren't right. We couldn't really talk. Or, (Insert name of a certain ex here) didn't appreciate my goofy, silly side. (Insert name of another ex here) was so cheap that he would ream me out anytime I wanted to give a small amount of money to a charitable cause. Also, I don't need to be with somebody who is narrow-minded or has completely different beliefs as me! Been there, done that.

So exactly one month and week after meeting, I'm writing about my relationship with Eric. He wrote about us on his blog, so now its my turn. I think after meeting lots of frogs, I've finally found my prince! We're crazy about each other! Its a wonderful feeling that I haven't felt in a long time--and, I'm not sure that its ever felt quite like this. We just feel right. Right for each other anyway. Don't worry--we won't be running off to Vegas anytime soon to elope! But things are good!

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Jesser said...

Hehe. Busy commenters!! I'm trying hard to stay in the loop. So happy for you and this new relationship! How exciting!!!