Monday, June 25, 2007

A Great Weekend

It really was a perfect weekend. I think the best part of it was knowing that I wouldn't have to wake up at 6am for work this morning!

Friday evening was spent in--at my parents' home, relaxing, and enjoying some quality time with Norton, Pumpkin and Mom. My dad had an overnight visit at the Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, but this was for a good reason! He finally was able to get his tracheotomy out and he's doing wonderfully!

Saturday afternoon, after paying a visit to the Hong Kong Supermarket (for Sunday cooking essentials), I had lunch with my family at Cafe Colore, a delicious Italian restaurant in South Brunswick.

Then a visit to the A & P for whatever essentials I couldn't buy at the Asian market.

I already mentioned that I brought Norton here for good this weekend. Once I got him settled on Saturday, Karen and I met Katie and Mike in Princeton for dinner. (Eric was enjoying a boys' night out.) We ate at the Triumph Brewery. Yummy! And, of course, enjoyed some beer, as well! Next to Ricky's for ice cream and candy and a walk around the Princeton campus.

Sunday was a nice day spent with Eric. We took Norton to Duke Island Park for a walk and a swim, ran a couple errands and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and doing work around the house.

Sunday dinner was home-cooked Thai cuisine--Tom Yum Soup, pineapple fried rice and Eggplant with mint and chilies.

Eric kicked my butt at Battle of the Sexes (the board game), then we watched Bridget Jones' Diary, which he actually enjoyed!

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Jesser said...

Wowser!! We've never had a boys' team win at BOTS around here. My husband *swears* the game is rigged. He won't play it anymore.