Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I decided to take Norton for a hike on Sunday because of the warm temperatures. However, the trail was muddier and icier than I thought it would be--and leaving the Watchung Reservation, my white and pink Saucony's were now muddy and pink. Not too pleased about that. I decided it was time to put some money into hiking sneakers, because after I wash these babies, I don't want them turning muddy again. After all, the Saucony's are only a month or so old!

But, guess what? Today was my lucky day. In the teachers room was a bag marked, "Up for grabs to whoever can use them--size 8 men's Merrell low hikers." So they're used. Who cares? They fit perfectly. I now don't have to buy a pair of hiking sneakers--I got a great pair for free! Thanks to my fellow co-worker!

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Jesser said...

That's excellent. I really need to invest in a pair myself ... my baby blue sauconys (aren't they the most comfortable shoes, ever??) keep getting dirt on them when I take Loki to the dog park. :P They have really cute ones on Title9, but I haven't been able to part with the excessive cash they require ... I'm still poking around at TJ Maxx whenever I get the chance.