Friday, February 09, 2007

Dummies...Read this!

Last night, I went to Barnes and Noble to break up the monotony of the, tutoring, gym, laundry. I perused several books and magazines and enjoyed a soy green tea latte.

One thing I always find interesting is the collection of "For Dummies" books. Poker for Dummies, Dog Training for Dummies, Exercising for Dummies, etc. But this one takes the cake for sure as the funniest I've seen yet!

Myspace for Dummies.

Now if you need that book, you really are a dummie! (Sorry if I offended anybody who owns that book.)

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Jesser said...

Hehehehe. I so know what you mean. I used to make fun of all the AOL for dummies books. "AOL is for dummies. That's the point."

BTW, I haven't stopped visiting, but I can't comment on your blog from work anymore ... for some reason the browser there won't show the word verification thing. (One of many current complaints about my computer.)