Saturday, February 24, 2007

Goal Setting

I set a goal for myself this New Years that I would get myself back on my good eating and exercising routine! Well, its almost March and I've been on track for a month now with working out. I've also been eating right for the majority of the new year. This time, I'm NOT following Weight Watchers. I think its a great program and I've lost a ton of weight on WW in the past--but this time, I'm trying it on my own (eating everything in moderation--mostly healthy foods and once-in-a-while-splurges). And it seems to be working--so far! I've been working out four days a week. I've even tried some new classes at the gym--Fitball and Water Aerobics. I feel great and I LOOK like I'm getting toned! Today, I put on a zip down hoodie from last spring and was delighted when the thing practically was hanging off of me! Yay, me!

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