Saturday, February 24, 2007

Six Bits of Weirdness

I was tagged by Jennifer to post six weird things about myself. So here goes!

1. When I'm really angry, my nose twitches!

2. I was almost born on my dad's birthday. His birthday is October 3rd. I guess my mom went into labor with me on the 2nd (or maybe it was the 3rd) but I was delivered on October 4th.

3. I love road trips. That might not be so weird, but I've also been on a couple road trips by myself! I once drove to Missouri by myself to visit friends. On the way home, I drove fourteen hours in one day (from 8am to 10 pm) with minimal stops! By the end of that evening, I was alert with the aid of NoDoz and Visine! Strangely enough, I even find solo road trips liberating an invigorating!

4. Speaking of road trips...on my cross-country road trip three and a half years ago, I spent a night at my friend Amber's in Memphis, where she was living at the time. This was July in the South. Hot!!! And, the city of Memphis was in the midst of a sixteen day long power outage, thanks to a powerful storm. I was staying with Amber at the tail end of this power outage. Half of Beale Street was closed down. Also, the windows in Amber's house were painted shut so it was very, very stuffy! However, the morning I was leaving, we woke up to power. Lights. Electricity. AC. (Speaking of power outages, the famous power outage in the Northeast took place only a couple weeks later! I was sitting in the pub on the Berkeley Campus in Berkeley, California when it took place!)

5. I am not obsessive-compulsive by any means! However, I do sorta have an obsessive personality. I get really fixated on something and then I totally lose interest. Example, last spring, I HAD to have the Nintendo DS. I got it and it was a fun toy for about a still comes out to play once in a while, but for the most part, I've lost interest in it.

6. I'm a vegetarian. Is that weird? A lot of people are vegetarians these days, but its still not the norm! I last had pork/lamb when I was fourteen. When I was fifteen, I gave up red meat. When I was 20, in the frozen foods aisle of Shop Rite, I decided it was time to stop eating poultry and become a full-fledged vegetarian.

I'm supposed to tag six people to do this meme. I'm not even sure if six peole read this blog! How about this concept? If you'd like to post six weird things, cool! If not, thats okay, too.

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