Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, Monday

Life has been crazy lately. I've barely had a moment's time to breathe--let alone blog!

Eric and I had a nice weekend and for once, we did have time to relax!

Saturday after running errands, we spent much of the afternoon and the entire evening at home. We took a nap, enjoyed Thai take-out, played board games (two new games--Pez and Zombies--both fun!) , video games and watched movies. I can't remember the last time we spent a night at home doing nothing. It was fabulous.

Eric finally showed me his movie!!! He wrote the screenplay for an "indie" horror movie and it was good! It's now on dvd and it's called Dead Hunt.

Friday was my grandmother's 80th birthday! Happy Birthday, Grandma! I finally finished her scarf. I started knitting it 2 years ago and finally finished it! Sunday, we celebrated with Grandma and my family and Sunday night tried out the brand new Guitar Hero! Rock on!

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Jesser said...

I *long* for that kind of weekend. Seems impossible right now, but I'm really gunning for Thanksgiving. I'll have to check out those games. They sound interesting.