Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Lets start with the visit with the behaviorist. I think it went very well and I was very pleased with her. Over the course of a two hour visit, she and her tech observed Norton, caught some video, watched him play and asked lots of questions. The doc then sat down with me after over an hour of this in order to put together a plan. I'm feeling optimistic that things will improve.

1. We're doubling his one medication and tripling the other.

2. I'm working on desensitizing him to exit cues--picking up keys, putting shoes on.

3. I'm teaching him down and stay--two commands he never mastered.

4. Norton now has a "safety blanket." Its a blanket that he can lay on and good things will happen on it. He'll get petted and he'll get treats. Hopefully it'll work to "calm" him one day.

5. We need to use a visual cue when we leave. I ordered a lavender scented stuffed lab that I'll put on the table when we leave and put it away when we get home. Hopefully, it'll calm him and he'll see it and recognize that we're coming home.

6. We need to use a cd to desensitize Norton to gunshots and fireworks and thunderstorms.

We have another wedding this weekend. This one's in Pittsburgh. Eric's college friend is getting married.

Speaking of weddings...I picked out and ordered my wedding gown on Friday!!!!


Jesser said...

Very interesting stuff. We need to work with Loki on a few things. He does down and stay pretty well, but the next county over just cinched up their off-leash laws and now he has to automatically sit and stay when he comes to us. So that's our new deal to do with him. It takes SO much time and work and effort. Note to self. Work with him tonight. I hope things get easier with Norton!! Any links to the dress?!? :)

Freak Magnet said...

My mom had a problem with her dog. She now makes a point of telling him, "I'll be right back," and he's stopped freaking out when she leaves. Weird, but hey, it works.