Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! I hope everyone had a fun and enjoyable evening. Yesterday, I had a barbeque at my house. Three of my friends showed up, all boys. Next time I have one of these things at my house, I'm not preparing anything. All they eat are burgers, hot dogs, and cookies. Whats the point in things like chips and dip and salad? Too funny. I also have like 10 bags of rolls. I told the boys I'd buy them, but each of them brought 1-2 bags as well. I guess they like lots of buns!

Last night I was drinking Yuengling Light and Lo-Calorie Amaretto Sours. I bought the light lemonade (Tropicana) and mixed it with amaretto. Yummy! I also ate way too many chips and cookies. Ivillage has some great recipes, for those of you who like to cook. I made this awesome Caesar Slaw yesterday from ivillage. It was soooo good!!!!

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