Saturday, July 16, 2005

Winter Thoughts...Just deliberating...

It will be nice when its cold, nippy and frosty.
It will be nice when, once again, we can catch snowflakes on our tongues and then give frosty kisses to ones we love.
It will be nice when we can lay in the snow and create snow angels or snow devils. Depends on the day.
It will be nice when we can bundle up by the fireplace with warm blankets and drink hot apple cider with spiced cinnamon sticks.
It will be nice to wear a new coat and drink hot cocoa in my sweater, pom pommed hat and gloves.
But I always spill the hot cocoa on my white pompommed gloves.
It will be nice to ice skate and again.
It would be nice to go moose-finding in the mountains of Maine.
It would not be nice to get chased through the mountains of Maine by a moose.
I like this story though
Its quite nice.
Finally, it will be nice to watch Norton frolic in the snow and run around like a child dog.

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Miss President said...

Hey there! Yes, someone DOES read your blog - me! :) I, too, love the dark chocolate doves... and their little words of wisdom! And the homies... was the stolen homie in one of those pics? ;)