Monday, July 04, 2005

My Accidental Shoplifting Experience...(I'm not kidding!)

Today, I ate lunch at Rasoi, in Iselin, a yummy Indian restaurant. We ate at the buffet and I ate way too much (thanks Dave for lunch)! Then Dave and I decided to check out the store, Below Five, that Jen blogged about. It really is an awesome store! I bought some Brain Quest cards and other assorted stuff, including the Swell girl's guide. They had tons of stuff I would have loved to buy but I bought enough as it is...

So by now, y'all are wondering about the shoplifting experience I had. Well, I am a collecter of homies, those little gangsta figurines you can get from the 50 cent machine. So I am in the store and I hear something drop and I look in one of the bins. And what do I see? A homie with overalls! I am thinking, I have that homie, it must have fallen from my purse! So I take back "my" homie and put it in my purse. As I am checking out, I see a bin full of Homies at the register. I am thinking...oops...wasn't my homie...but at that point, the damage was now I have 2 overalled homies and it really was an accident.

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