Monday, July 18, 2005

May she rest...

Poor, poor Shayla. Our old tender-hearted golden retriever was suffering. She spent 24 hours at the kennel. When we realized we weren't going on vacation to Wildwood this weekend due to my cousin's accident and a error in dates booked, my sister and I went to the kennel today to retrieve the dogs. Poor Shayla could not even walk and it took the assistance of two employees to help her to the car. Lets just say Shayla wasn't in great shape as it was and the stress of the kennel only made her condition worse. So tonight it took four of us (my parents, myself, and Rich) to hoist Shayla into the car and she was put to rest at the emergency clinic.

I'll share some Shayla memories with everybody.

1. She loved being sneaky and eating the cat food. Sometimes the cats would be fed several times a day because she'd keep eating it. Whenever Shayla had fish breath, she was the culprit!

2. Before Shayla was fixed as a puppy, she had her "time of the month" twice. I have fond memories of Shayla in underwear (with a hole for her tail!)!

3. Shayla loved the snow. She liked to eat snowflakes and catch snowballs in her mouth.

4. Shayla loved giving her paw. Once she gave it to Striper, one of our kitties.

5. Shayla loved Norton. Even as an old girl, she tried to keep up with him.

May Shayla Monster/Shayla Maydala rest in peace. We loved her very much and she will be missed by everyone who knew and loved her, people and animals alive!

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Delaware Girl said...

I wanted to send my deepest condolences on the loss of Shayla. I too had a golden retreiver "JJ" who we sent to heaven after 13 wonderful years. I now have "Disco" a little mix breed that we adopted from the humane society. She is a joy. I share many memories of JJ with my family and his memory will live in our hearts forever.