Saturday, September 24, 2005

Girls' Night Out

Well, I enjoyed a lovely 24 hour outing with a few of my girlfriends. As many of you know, I won a free Marriott stay a while back--and I finally had a chance to use it. Amber and my future-sister-in-law, Lauren met me up at the Park Ridge Marriott in Northern Bergen County, NJ. What a beautiful hotel! The room was wonderful--fluffy duvets and a bathrobe to use! And a balcony overlooking--a roof? We ate dinner at the Melting Pot with Jennifer. We had a great time--and I can assure you we stuffed ourselves to capacity. We started with the cheddar cheese fondue, then salads and a vegetarian fondue dish for Amber. Jennifer and I gorged ourselves with the chocolate fondue with every possible dipper imaginable--cheesecake, pound cake, brownies, fruit. It was decadent. By the end of the meal, we lost all our manners and began double dipping. It was a riot. Amber was the only one who was not tempted by the dessert. God Bless her.

After the Melting Pot, the Irish Pub in our hotel was calling our names. So Lauren and I had a couple beers--Amber had a Shirley Temple. Next morning, after Amber had to leave, Lauren and I enjoyed some FREE room service for breakfast and a shopping excurstion to the Christmas Tree Shops. Then lunch and gaming at the Dave and Busters. We had a blast!


Tuesday Girl said...

Park ridge marriott is really nice. I worked right around the corner from it, so we had a lot of drinks there after work.

Miss President said...

It was a lot of fun on Friday night! Thanks for inviting me out! Hope to see you again soon!