Thursday, September 01, 2005

A New Day!

Yesterday, I had a very good day and night. I spent some time at working going through boxes. Then I had a lovely lunch with some wonderful friends--current and and former coworkers, including Jennifer and Jenn! After enjoying a very long lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen, I wandered around Borders. I had a couple hours of home time (knitting--yessss!) then went out with Bill and Bret to Flanagans. After Flanagans, Bill and I celebrated his new job at the Italian American Club Bar, then I insisted we play on the playground equipment for the school across the street. It was grandiose!

Yesterday, I ribbed 2 rows on my latest knitting project. It will be a gorgeous multi-colored hat, in shades of red, orange and purple. Its a beautiful yarn. I've decided to use my blog as an outlet, and post 25 goals (my book says I should). They can be long-term or short-term. So here they go.

1. Rescue farm animals.

2. Plant a garden.

3. Eat falafel in Jerasulam.

4. Drive to Montana next summer and check out the Going to the Sun Road at Glacier National Park.

5. Go to Western Canada and check out the great outdoors, British Columbia and Vancouver.

6. DRIVE to Alaska.

7. Buy a house with a lovely wrap-around porch.

8. Get a little dog to be friends with my big dog. Maybe a pug.

9. Drive across Europe.

10. Learn to crochet.

11. Become fluent in another language.

12. Be a nicer person.

13. Become more organized.

14. Begin balancing a budget.

15. Go on more hikes.

16. Put myself before any guys.

17. When I'm ready, meet a fabulous guy who is crazy about me and wants to tell the whole world how much he loves me!

18. Have a gaggle of kids one day. Well, not a gaggle. Two or three. I just like that word!

19. Go to Centralia, Pa. They've had a fire going on under their town for over 50 years!

20. See the Pacific Northwest. Washington and Oregon.

21. Go to Wine Country, California.

22. Go back to Burlington, Vermont.

23. Visit every continent!!!!

24. Remember all my friends' birthdays on time every year!

25. Write my own book.


Sharkie Davis Blayne said...

You posted some goals. I see your book and my advice have something in common.


Marisa L.B. said...

I'm posting my own addendum. I forgot to list

26. Travel around India.